Eyebrow microblading

ALL potential Microblade/Powder Brow client MUST send a photo of their brows to 715-301-5070 prior to scheduling a consult. All annual retouches must be scheduled through Jenny directly. There is no online scheduling available for any brow procedures. Thank you!

PLEASE READ: The Microblade procedure itself takes 2-2.5 hours to do and lasts up to 18 months depending on skin type and daily skin care regimes. Keep in mind that not every person is a good candidate for Microblading. You may expect thick Instagramable brows that rival Cara Delevingne’s, but it might take a few appointments before you reach your ideal brows. Also keep in mind that Microblading is a two-step process and it is not permanent, and you shouldn’t expect to see full results after only one treatment. This is not a "one and done" type procedure and some skin types may require 2 or even 3 sessions to achieve optimal results. Your Microblade artist only does HALF of the work, your body and body's chemistry must complete the other half in order to fully absorb the pigment. This procedure does not completely eliminate the use of brow pencils, pomades, etc... Microblade is intended to ENHANCE the natural brow and its beauty. It is a brow enhancement not a brow makeover. The strokes are very sharp initially, but will soften and migrate into the skin over time. You should take into consideration that different skin types also factor into results. Excessively oily skin, larger pores, thicker skin and eyebrow keratosis can affect the absorption of the pigment. Likewise, someone who exfoliates frequently may see the pigment soften much sooner than someone who doesn’t because the pigment is gradually rubbed out. 

What exactly is Microblading?
Microblading is a form of semi permanent make up which is done with a hand held tool. Microblading is perfect for people who spend years over-plucking, desire to define, cover gaps, or fill-in their brows. It's an extremely meticulous process. Before microblading begins, a topical numbing cream is applied to the area to minimize discomfort. Clients may feel a slight discomfort, but overall it's relatively painless. Jenny does her own brows without the use of any topical numbing agents. 

How is it different than eyebrow tattooing?
Microblading is the process of implanting pigment into the basal membrane which divides the epidermis from the dermis layer of the skin to create fuller looking brows. Eyebrow tattoo is done with a motorized device whereas microblading is done manually using a hand held tool. When it comes to the term microblading the tool is used to simulate hair strokes in the brow. Microblading professionals use pigment vs. ink. Pigment has a thicker consistency while ink is more watery in texture and tends to have more staying power. Most pigment will last between 1-5 years, keeping in mind different skin types and the use of skin care products. There is no “spilling” under the skin which leaves the strokes fine and crisp. Naturally the pigment will exfoliate out of the skin over time causing the pigment to lighten. The healing process may differ for each individual. On average, the healing process is up to 3 weeks. You may notice some redness for up to 48 hours afterwards.  I do recommend a 30 day follow up in order to perform any touch ups needed.

How long does it last?
Untouched, the service will last 12-18 months. Sometimes longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need a patch test?

A. Yes. All clients need a patch test at least 48 hours before the procedure. This can be done during the free consult.


Q. How do you choose the shape?

A. We choose a shape and style together.  At the beginning of the microblading procedure, Jenny will draw in a suggested shape for your brows and then we work together to perfect this to your preference and measurements. We then check for symmetry and position.

Q. How do you choose the color(s)?

A. We choose the colors together. Jenny prefers to use the base color which is the darker color the strokes will be drawn in with, followed by a lighter highlight to fill in any gaps. This creates the most natural looking brows that aren't too dark. Factors that are considered during this process are skin tone whether it's warm or cool, features, and personal preference. 

Q. What will they look like immediately following the procedure?

A. Your brows may be a little swollen, itchy, red and sometimes a bit white.  This is all very normal.  They will be considerably darker for the first week, but they begin to fade out into a softer color. This too, is normal. 

Q. Are there side effects?

A. During the procedure there may be some minor bleeding.  This will depend on the client.  If you're taking blood thinners, you may experience slight bleeding. Bruising is rare but could occur for anyone with overly sensitive skin or taking certain medications. It's important to disclose any medications you may be taking before having microblading done.


Since 2019, out of 100 clients:

18 clients were satisfied with their results after the first treatment

66 clients were satisfied with their results after their second treatment

8 clients were satisfied with their results after their third treatment

6 clients were satisfied but declined microblading during their touchup and opted for shading

2 clients were extremely disappointed and found the healing process to be difficult and declined their touch up treatment. Both of these clients had hormonal and thyroid issues that were disclosed during their consultation prior to their procedure.

Classic Microblade procedure |  400

Microblade & Microshade | $450


Powder Brow/Ombre Brow | $400


Combination Brow (Microblade and Machine Shading) | $550


6 week Retouch | Included

6  month color boost | $100

Annual color boost | $200

*$50 Deposit is required when scheduling